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Life Practices (Huh?)

Life Practices?  What does that mean?  What are life practices?  Don’t you mean “Spiritual Practices?”

Perhaps.  As you read this, you may think, he’s talking about “spiritual practices.”  And to some extent, you may be right.  Yet, I think the term “life practices” is more appropriate.

Why?  When I think of the term “spiritual practices,” I think of something that is relegated to a component of my life.  I think of something that I do for a set period of time, but then I go about my day.  I don’t think of something that is integral to my life.  I don’t think of something that centers and helps direct my life.

To be fair, most proponents of “spiritual practices” will disagree.  They will say (and I would agree) that “spiritual practices” are intended to shape a person, their faith, and their life.

So why the difference of terminology?  Our choice of words can set the stage for how we approach (and maybe) understand something.  For me, using the term “life practices” helps me understand that what I am doing is key to my life as a whole.

These “Life Practices” are intended to be a part of our everyday life.  Some require us to stop (“SIT”), and engage in what some will deem spiritual activities (such as “LOOK” into the Bible, “LISTEN” to and for God, and “SPEAK” to God).  These moments, these activities, should then become (slowly or quickly) the lens through which we see and live our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

If our intention is to remain focused on Jesus Christ, to not be distracted by life (or the cellphone or the kids or the tv or worries and anxieties and so much more), then we need to find a way, a practice, that enables us to live our lives in a particular and distinct way.  If not, it is too easy to be consumed by life.  But if so, then we are more likely to “STAND” with those in need, to “LOOK” for God at all times, to “LISTEN” for God throughout the day, and to “SPEAK” to Him and about Him to others in truth and grace.  In short, we become followers of Jesus Christ inside and out.

Life practices.  As you may have noticed, they are:

  • SIT
  • LOOK

In coming posts, we’ll examine each of them individually.

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