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Reading Roundup: April 2010

Here’s a list of the books that I read in April (in no particular order) that I found interesting:

  • Linchpin by Seth Godin– He makes the case each person should strive to make themselves indispensable (that each person is an artist who has something to offer) and then challenges each person to find a way to make themselves indispensable.  And no, he doesn’t tell you how to do that.  As he writes, the reader has to find their own “map.”
  • The Organic God by Margaret Feinberg–  Really insightful book that expresses new insights on God and seeking to know him.
  • Fallen Angel:  The Passion of Fausto Coppi by William Fotheringham- a bio of a cyclist who dominated in the ’40’s and ’50’s.  Also gives insight into Italy and the struggle to rebuild itself after WW2.
  • Spiritual Direction by Henri Nouwen–  a book put together from his notes, letters, and notes from his students.
  • Mud, Sweat, and Gears by Joe Kurmaskie– Imagine taking your 3 boys and wife on a bike ride 4,000 miles across Canada without a cellphone or a GPS.  This is the Metal Cowboy at his finest!
  • ReLearning Jesus by Matthew Paul Turner– An interesting take on one person’s attempt to understand the be-attitudes.
  • The Big Short by Michael Lewis- Excellent book on the sub-prime mortgage crisis and how some people saw it coming and made a fortune.
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