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Life Practices: SIT

(Note:  Life Practices lead to Life Transformation.  As in, whatever you do, you become. These posts on Life/Spiritual Practices are an extension of my thoughts from a portion of a message that I gave at CrossRoads of Arlington.  The suggested practices are Sit, Stand, Look, Listen, and Speak.)

Life is hectic.  Busy.  Super-busy.  Jam-packed.  Rushed.  Exhausting.  Un-settled.

Focused (usually on the next thing to do- drop off the kid, pick up the kid, go here, go there, get that, do that, fix that, buy this, call him/her).  And life feels un-focused.

Time flies (“Where did the day go?”  “Where did the week go?”  “Is it the end of the month ALREADY?”  “This year FLEW by!”)

Life feels unstable.  Out-of-control.  I feel as though I am just reacting to everything that is happening to and around me.

No one is immune.

Something is missing.  Isn’t there something more?

Even Christians, people of faith, people who believe that there is something that ties all of life together, people who believe that there is something more, fall prey to this hectic life.  Sometimes, the desire to express that faith gets twisted into a calendar-crunching schedule of activities at church.  Try adding that to your already packed schedule.

Focused, yet un-focused.

How do we start over?  How do we gain (or regain) control and focus in our lives?  How do we find direction?

Life practices (what you do leads to who you become).  And yes, some people refer to these as “spiritual practices,” but that is another post.

Practice number one, “SIT.”

To SIT, we must STOP.  Sitting requires an intentionality to our lives.  Sitting requires that we take control of a moment (even if just for a moment).  Sitting provides us a chance to focus on the MAIN THING.


How long do I sit? That will be up to you.  It could be 5 minutes, it could be 60 minutes, or it could be longer.  Sitting will be hard at first.  Your mind will wander.  You may even feel as though you are wasting time.  You will think of things to do, tasks to get done, and people to call.  Relax.  This is normal.  Sitting is a skill that takes time to master.  It took you time to learn the skill of rushing and being hectic (your life wasn’t always this way, was it?), so it will take some time to learn the skill of sitting.

When do I sit? Whenever it works best for you.  I would suggest trying it when you feel your best, not when you feel your worst.  In other words, if you’re a morning person, sit in the morning.  If you’re a night person, sit at night.  If you’re a mid-day person, sit at mid-day.  If you’re a 2 a.m. person, well, you get the idea.

How often do I sit? Every day would be ideal.  But start where you are and at least aim for 3 times a week.  It will be awkward, but it will be beneficial.

Where do I sit? (because you don’t understand- I would sit but I have nowhere to sit- where I can be un-interrupted)  Here’s a list of places where people have told me they sit- Hot tub, bike, lawnmower, kitchen table, couch, car (before work, at lunch), on the floor of the office (shut the door and turn out the lights so no one knows you are there), Burger King (I’m guessing McDonalds and Starbucks would work just as well), on the porch, and at a bench at the park.  These are just a few ideas, but these should help you get started.  You may even vary where you sit.

What do I do when I sit? I’ll elaborate more on that in later posts (look, listen, and speak).  Until then, just spend a few moments sitting.  Find that place.  Determine when.  Think about God.

(Okay.  For those who want to get ahead, try this.  Read 1 chapter of the Bible.  Just one.  Anywhere.  Think about what you read.)

More later….

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