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Life Practices: STAND

(Note:  Life practices lead to life transformation.  As in, what you do, you become.  These posts are an extension of my thoughts from a sermon I gave at CrossRoads.  The practices are SIT, STAND, LOOK, LISTEN, AND SPEAK.)

STAND.  Not for yourself, but for someone else.  With someone else.

That someone can be anyone.  A family member.  A friend.  A co-worker.  A neighbor.  A teammate.  A person at church.  A stranger.

It can be someone struggling with anything.  Illness.  Divorce.  Death.  Grief.  Loss.  Life.  Unfairness.

Stand with this person and be with this person.  When you stand with them, don’t worry about what to say.  Don’t concern yourself with fixing the situation (you may not be able to and that’s okay).  Stand with them in what seems to be a hopeless situation (a never-ending situation) and let your presence be a reminder to them that Jesus Christ is like no other.

How does this help you?  How does this transform your life?

We tend to think in terms of the physical.  When I pour out a cup, the cup is empty.  Yet, we need to think in terms of the spiritual.  When I pour out of my life, my cup is re-filled and overflowing (see Proverbs 11.24-25).  In standing with another person, our lives are transformed.

When we stand with those in need, we are reminded of Christ.

An example.  I’ve friends who’ve gone through divorces.  I’ve stood with them through their pain and anguish and heartache.  I’ve listened to their fears and doubts and worries.  When I hung up the phone or as I made my way home, I would remember Christ, and I would thank him for the family that he has given me.  I would thank him for my situation.

Another example.  As part of my job, I make those visits to the hospital.  It’s exciting to see the newborn child and to see the excitement of the parents (secretly knowing, they have no idea what’s in store for them).  And yet, there are also the visits to those who are sick, to those who may not leave the hospital.  Those are tough.  I’m not the best in those situations, but I try.  I try my best to stand with those in the midst of their fear, in the midst of their pain, in the midst of their worry.  And when I leave, I am reminded that I can leave.  I am grateful to God for that day for what he has given me for however long he gives it to me.

Standing with others will transform you.

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