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Message at CrossRoads (5/23/10)

I spoke at CrossRoads yesterday (5/23/10), re-introducing our series on Proverbs as well as looking at Proverbs 11.

You can listen to the message here.  My notes are below.

What is a proverb?  By definition, a “short, wise saying.”  And that means?  Proverbs are not promises, guarantees, or rules to turn us into robots.

Proverbs are intended to make people wise.  Wisdom isn’t knowledge, but it builds on your knowledge, it expands your knowledge, it sharpens your perspective, it gives light to situations, and for the Christian, it increases your ability to life a life that honors and follows God.

The book of Proverbs

This book is unique from other parts of the bible in that most other sections of the bible deal with the separation and restoration of people to God.  Through Christ, God making people “righteous” or “right with God.”  Once we are considered “righteous,” we are a new creation, and as a new creation, we are called to live a new way.  The book of Proverbs is unique in that it doesn’t deal with a person’s restoration to God, but rather it guides people in this new way of living.

To know the Proverbs isn’t enough.  Instead, we are challenged to live them, to embody them, to be wise.

Proverbs 11

Two themes stand out:  be wise with what you have and be wise with your words.

As the writer collects these themes together, he challenges to be wise in the accumulation and the disbursement.  Be wise in the accumulation of what we have as well as the disbursing of what we have.  Similarly, he challenges us to be wise in the disbursement of our words as well as the accumulation of wise words of good counsel.

1.  Be wise with what we have
-Be wise in the accumulating of what we have (which includes the tangible items such as money as well as the intangible items like skills, abilities, insight, wisdom).  verses 1-3
-Be wise in the security we place in the things we have accumulated (vs 4, 28)
-Be wise in the disbursement of what we have (vs 24-26)

2.  Be wise with our words
-Be wise in the disbursing of our words (Unwise words not only have a harmful effect on those near to us, but they also have a corrosive effect that spreads and creates greater harm) (vs 9, 11-13)
-Be wise in the accumulation of wise words of good counsel (We need other people.  We will never have all the answers) (vs 14).

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