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Destin Summer Vacation: Pre-Trip Goals

Pre-trip thoughts:

This will be our 3rd year in a row to go to Destin for a vacation with the extended family (not my side, but her side of the family- 7 adults and 6 kids in 1 house for 1 week).  Yes, you read that right.

Since this is my 3rd year in a row, here our the goals I’ve set based on past experiences:

  • Ride the bike as much as I can, and by that I mean every single morning (last year I had tendonitis and couldn’t ride my bike or run.  Instead, I was forced to walk with the senior citizens.  I walked so much I wore a blister on my foot.  Misery upon misery.  But walking helped me to realize a few things:  some people only work out on vacation-  why is this?  Is it the sun that revitalizes them?  Is it seeing themselves in a swimsuit on the beach?  Is it the fact that they ate too much the day before?  Now, you may wonder how do I know that these people are just starting to work out:  maybe the fact that they are running in their khaki shorts, smoking while walking (not kidding), they have a pasty white exterior as if they haven’t seen the sun in decades, or maybe it is the pained look in their face while they plod along at the slowest of paces).
  • Do not burn the chocolate chip cookies (which I did last year-part of me cried on the inside).
  • Try not to spend too much money at Barnes and Noble (not likely).
  • Try not to spend too much money at the Nike Outlet (I have $100 worth of gift cards and 20% coupon, so it’s possible this goal is attainable).
  • Go to the beach (some).
  • Try not to make any family members cry (which may or may not have happened on previous vacations and which may or may not have resulted in said family members not speaking to me for approximately twelve months).
  • Don’t get a sunburn (I’ve been successful the previous two years, so..).

So, we’ll see what happens.

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