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Day 2 To Destin

My hopes for sleeping in were dashed (crushed is more like it) at 5 am when Samuel woke himself and me up (awesome).  After a few minutes, he fell back asleep.  I was not so lucky.

A headache reverberated back and forth across my skull (either from a lack of sleep or being kneed and elbowed all night by Samuel- who had insisted on sleeping in our bed- argh- it was 10.30 at night so I caved).  My choices were to stare at the ceiling and look at the clock every 3 minutes or go read (in the bathroom.  Day 2 was not getting off to a promising start).

Withy my backpack and iphone, I retreated to the bathroom.  After taking a couple of Excedrin for the headache (is this the way to start a vacation), I sat on the edge of the bathtub scanning news and such on my iphone (The Wall Street Journal and Chris Horner’s race diary of the Dauphine- vastly different ends of the news spectrum), and then I read a few chapters of The Bullpen Gospels (an intriguing read about the journey of dashed dreams told through a minor league pitcher- keep an eye out for a full review when I finish it).

Periodically, I would venture out of the bathroom to see if the sleeping were living.  No such luck.  I retreated and kept reading.

At 7.15, already 2 hours into this day and ready to get going, I started making a little noise (intentionally), which then the others in my traveling party to wake up.  We dressed (enough) to be presentable for breakfast (other people in the hotel did not feel the same community obligation), and went to the lobby.  The breakfast left a lot to be desired (as in actually being edible- the juice was sour, the muffins small, and you couldn’t pay me enough to touch those “taquitos”).  On our way out, I grabbed a handful of Pop Tarts (since I couldn’t make up my mind between strawberry, blueberry, smores, and brown sugar, so I took one of each- there were plenty left for others.)

While we were waiting for someone to finish getting ready, Samuel stopped and looked at me, “We are not going to Barnes and Noble today.  We went yesterday.”

“We’ll see,” I reply.

A stare down commences only to be broken when Dinosaur Train resumes on the tv (I think I won that one, if nothing else by default.  But, a win is a win).

At 9.30, we pack up and depart.  The BIL calls and makes the first comment about whether or not I’m going to make someone cry (he finds this funny and mentions it often).  I say that I’m going to try not to let that happen (although I may try to make him cry if he keeps this up).

And for the record, I did not intentionally make this family member cry.  I was teasing this family member’s son about his haircut, offering to take him to get one (even to pay for it), and somehow that made this family member cry.

We pull back onto the interstate and someone suggests that I listen to my podcasts with the earbuds on.  No problem (I didn’t want to be rude, but if it’s being suggested, I’m all for it) .  Minutes later, I  glance back in the rearview mirror and see that Samuel is also listening to an ipod with the headphones on (hmm).  I surmise that someone wanted a little silence in the car.

On the podcast lineup this morning: First, another Cycling News podcast.  In this one, they review the Giro D’ Italia as well as the Tour of California and then they delve into the Landis affair.  They don’t offer any opinions at this point (I would like to hear their opinions).  I then switch over to listening to some other podcasts: a talk on leadership by Bill Hybels, a brief interview with Mark Driscoll about culture, and then a couple of messages from Mars Hill Grand Rapids (of course, these last 3 podcasts get me thinking about work, and since I’m on vacation, I don’t want to think about work, so I turn these off.).

The BIL calls periodically to check on where we are (we’re about 30 miles ahead of them).  Initially, we agree to meet for lunch.  The plan is for me to find a place before Mobile.  I am looking for a Wendy’s (only because I want to compare their spicy chicken to the spicy chicken from Chick-Fil-A the day before), but I can’t find one.

And then, we hit traffic (hurray!).  Stand still, no moving traffic (double hurray!).  On a Saturday (unbelievable).  What the heck? (On the productive side, I use this time to check my email on my iPhone.  Hey, I’m just sitting there.)  I call the BIL and let him know that there is traffic and that I couldn’t find anywhere to eat.  I’ll look for something after we get through the tunnel in Mobile.  He decides that they’ll stop now (the SIL is pregnant and HUNGRY!!- later they tell me they stopped at Wendys- how did I miss it?)

After the tunnel, we pull off for lunch and settle for Firehouse Subs (I’ve never been there, but Angela has).  If I’d known we’d be stopping for sandwiches, I would’ve taken the exit for the Blimpies (but we’re not turning around).  My review of Firehouse Subs, they took FOREVER (they had lots of employees working, they were just working slowly).  On a positive note, I got a caffeine injection via the large root beer (and why didn’t I think of root beer yesterday- sometimes, I wonder about myself).

After lunch and a re-filling of the gas tank, I resume with the podcasts, this time listening to the BS Report, where Simmons interviews JJ Reddick, guard for the Orlando Magic.

Surprisingly, we (I) need to make a bathroom break (that’s what I get for drinking one large 32 ounce drink at Firehouse Subs, then re-filling it before we left, and quickly guzzling it.  That reminds me of the ac situation.  I may have been remiss is blaming someone for the frigid temperature of the car.  My body temperature could’ve been affected by the 32 ounces of ice I was chomping on from Chick-Fil-A.  It’s a possibility).

This break takes 30 minutes because of the line for the restroom (which allows the BIL to finally catch us.  There was only one person in front of us for the bathroom, but the guy in the bathroom took 20 minutes.  Sheesh).

As we approach Destin (also note, I pulled out the earbuds so I wouldn’t look like a dork), the BIL and I discuss whether or not we can check-in early to the house (we decide not), so we decide to stop for ice cream.  Last year, we’d found a pretty good place (the name of which I can’t remember, but I sort of vaguely remember where it is), and so we head for it.  However (and this cannot be underestimated enough), the heavens parted when someone spotted Brusters Real Ice Cream (YES!).  For this, for Brusters, I will turn around and go back (which I did).  Today’s flavor choice:  Chocoloate Peanut Butter Buckeye (absolutely the best ever!)  The perfect way to end 2 days of driving- Brusters.

But it’s only 3.30 in the afternoon.

Over ice cream, the BIL informs us that one of their brood is sick and they need to take her to the doctor (prognosis:  pink eye.  I hope that no one in our immediate family gets this.  I do not want to be sick.  My germaphobeness will be on high alert this week).

We arrive, unpack (it’s swelteringly hot), crank down the air, and then it’s off to Wal-Mart (otherwise known as the bowels of hell.  Hey, I appreciate their low prices, but it’s as if the entire city of Destin is here trying to load up on food).  I drag someone with me (we have 2 carts) and when their full it takes 45 minutes to get through the checkout line (trivia question:  how many times will I be back here this week?  I’m guessing every day this week, because even though I write a list, I always forget something.  I might want to try consulting the list when I step into the store).

For dinner, it’s spaghetti (yours truly is the evening chef all week long).  I’m avoiding the pink eye child like the plague (sorry, but I don’t want to get sick on vacation).  After dinner, everyone else goes to the beach and I stake out a chair (inside with ac- I’ll be able to see the beach sometime this week).  Then I remember I need to make eggs and sausage tonight so that we can have breakfast tacos before heading out on the bike ride (I am not cooking in the AM).

Will this day ever end?

Eggs made, I go upstairs hoping to read a little before bed.  The room was pitch dark with Samuel asleep.  My option was to read in the bathroom again.  I thought, this day will not end like this day started.  I pitched the book and went to sleep.

Samuel got one of his wishes today.  We didn’t stop at Barnes and Noble (there’s always tomorrow).

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