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How’s the weather in Destin?

I could give you boring weather data like the heat index (99 at 9 am, 109 by mid-afternoon) or the humidity levels (well into the 90’s), but that really doesn’t give you a clear picture of what the weather is like here in Destin.

  • Apparently, my moisture wicking socks (Swiftwick for Mellow Johnny’s, if you care to know) (and by the way they might want to re-think that name- Swiftwick, the wicking has been anything but swift in this tropical heat wave) have a threshold at which they can no longer wick away any further sweat.  This was not realized on yesterday’s 50 mile ride, but on today’s 40 mile ride, when I stood to pedal only to feel pools of sweat squishing between my toes (ugh!).
  • At the convenience store where I’ve stopped 2 days in a row for water and Gatorade, the employees have decided to make their feelings known about my presence.  I realize I dripped (drip is probably a gross understatement) sweat all throughout the store, but while standing outside in front of the store, one of the employees came outside, turned on the hose, and began to spray off the area where I was standing (Really?  Is this supposed their idea of a not so subtle message that I was no longer welcome?).
  • The swimming pool feels like a hot tub without the bubbles (although Samuel and his cousins are doing their best to rectify this).
  • The house we’re staying in has 3 floors and we’re on the top floor.  I put my sweat-soaked biking clothes on the 3rd floor balcony to dry, and later found a pool of liquid on the 1st floor patio, directly under where my sweat-soaked clothes were (again, ugh!).
  • Instead of sitting in the car to eat the Brusters Ice Cream (3 scoops in a waffle cone), we thought it would be a good idea to bake in the sun while eating it, which then led to the aforementioned ice cream quickly returning to a liquid state (I’ve never eaten 3 scoops of ice cream that fast.  On the bright side, since it was melting, I could eat it that fast without the dreaded brain-splitting ice cream headache).

It’s just plain hot.  And as for the beach, I haven’t quite made it there yet.

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