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Vacation Mysteries…

Every night, somebody has been leaving the balcony porch light on outside our room.  Who is leaving this light on every single night?

Why did I delegate the task of baking cookies to one of the BIL’s kids?  (The other one was sick, so I chose the “healthy one.”) Mere hours after I had digested a couple of these cookies (a chocolate chip and a macadamia nut), the aforementioned niece now felt nauseous, feverish, and congested.  (Great.  Why didn’t I just take a vial of the virus and inject it directly?)  And sure enough, Wednesday at 4.30 am, I awoke with a sore throat (but that didn’t stop me from taking a morning bike ride- although it might tomorrow).

On that note, why am I waking up every single morning at 5.00 am?  (On the bright side, this has enabled to get out on a bike ride by 6.30 every morning.)

Why is it taking me an hour to stop sweating after these bike rides? (Seriously.)

Yesterday, I made my first foray to the Destin Barnes and Noble, spent 45 minutes selecting a stack of books, walked up to the counter to pay, pulled out my membership card, and then, at that very moment, “remembered” that I had forgotten my 15% coupon all the way back at the vacation house.  (Why?)

In the hopes of not repeating that same mistake at the Nike Outlet, I pulled out my Nike store coupon and put it on the counter next to my wallet.  Having not previously read the fine print, I decided to do so, and then discovered that it had expired 2 weeks ago.  (Argh!!!  Why?)

After this morning’s bike ride, I was traipsing up the stairs to the 3rd floor (for some much needed Claritin), when I came across Samuel, sad faced, coming down the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Somebody keeps turning off the light.”

“Huh?  What light?”

“On the balcony patio.  I can’t see where the bathroom is and I can’t see anything else.  I’m scared without the light on.”

“Oh.”  (Whoops!)

Well, some mysteries are solved.  Tonight, the light stays on.

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