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Notable Book: The Bullpen Gospels

I heard of this book via Peter King’s MMQB, and although I knew it dealt with the experiences of a minor league pitcher, it’s not what I expected (in other words, it’s not your typical musings of a minor leaguer wishing he could make it to the bigs).  It was far better.  This is the story of a guy chasing his dream all the while wondering if chasing that dream is slowly killing the person inside of him.

Dirk Hayhurst recounts one of his years in the minor leagues as he aspires to his dream of being a major league baseball player.  As the year begins, Hayhurst is doubting himself, wondering if he needs to give up on his dream and get on with life.  He hasn’t finished college, isn’t getting any younger, and hasn’t started working on plan b (oh, and he spent the winter living with his grandmother).

Along the way of chasing the dream, Hayhurst struggles with the notion of this dream- what does it mean and will it really satisfy?  Yes, it’ll mean more money, but will it change his family situation (his brother is an alcoholic) or will it give meaning to his life? (Hayhurst provides a couple of perplexing encounters: one, where he volunteered at a homeless shelter and a man didn’t give a rip who he was, and two, where he allowed a young cancer patient into the bullpen and livened up that child’s day)  What does it mean to be a baseball player?

And what if his dream doesn’t come to pass?  Does that mean he hasn’t achieved success in life?

Even if your thing isn’t baseball, this book is fascinating for the journey of one man chasing his dream, trying to figure out what it means to be human.  A fascinating journey.

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