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A Father’s Day Present and Back to the Grind

An interesting Father’s Day present for me and it’s back to the grind as the vacation is OVER.

A Father’s Day Present

Samuel no longer tells me what he is getting me for a present.  (And yes, he used to tell me exactly what I was getting and exactly where said gift had been hidden, but then someone got to him.  And no, I didn’t have a problem with him giving me this information.)  Instead, he taunts me with vague descriptions about the present he has picked out for me.  (I do wonder where he gets this from.)

“Samuel, what are you getting me for Father’s Day?” I asked.

“It’s small, flat, and bigger than a square (with his hand motions, he was describing a rectangle.).”  This was followed by an evil, menacing laugh.

What could it be?  Small, flat, and rectangular.  It couldn’t be, could it?  It couldn’t be the new Garmin Edge 705 for my bike, could it?  They are small.  They are nearly flat.  And they are definitely rectangular.  Oh, that would be the best gift (of this year, at least).  But those things are expensive (the base model starts- starts- at $499 (and that doesn’t include the maps or the hub adapter).  (Editor’s note:  for the non-cycling enthusiast/geek/nerd, the Garmin Edge 705 is a “thingy” for the bike.  Feel free to roll your eyes.)

So, if this is my present (and what else could it be, because my son really loves me.), then I should act surprised when I get it. (Some people don’t like it when you figure out your gifts in advance).  How’s this?  A look of shock, eyes wide and bulging, hand over mouth.  “How could you?  How did you know?  (Editor’s note:  The hints were not subtle enough)  You shouldn’t have spent this much money.  (Yes, you should have.)  You really should’ve checked with me before spending this much money. (No, you shouldn’t have).  Oh, wow!  Can I go try it out on my bike now?”

I think that should work.

I come home that afternoon.  Samuel is sitting on the couch, watching tv.  He stands up on the couch and looks at me.

“Your present is behind the door.”  Again, the evil, menacing laugh.

I start flinging open every door near me, looking for my new Garmin Edge 705.  I can’t find it.

He laughs again.  “No, silly.  Behind the refrigerator door.”

Why would my new Garmin Edge 705 be in the refrigerator?  That doesn’t make any sense.

I open the refrigerator door.  I don’t see my Father’s Day present.  There are no boxes that say “Garmin” anywhere in our refrigerator.  “Where is it?” I ask.

“Right there, on the top shelf,” he replies, still laughing.

“Still don’t see it,” I reply.

“That,” he says, pointing to the package of Reeese’s Peanut Butter cups.  “You can have that on your ice cream tonight.”

Small, flat, and rectangular.  He got me.

“Awesome, buddy,” I say and give him a hug.  “But, I’m not sharing.”

So maybe I didn’t get the Garmin Edge 705.  (But if Garmin or their affiliates would like to send me one as a Father’s Day present or as a tester or for any reason, I will happily post a very positive and favorable review- I can be bought.  Or if Cycle Ops wants to get in on the action, I would be happy (and content) with a Joule 2.0.  I can be bought by them as well)

So, all I got for Father’s Day was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, movie tickets to see Toy Story 3 (hmm, who picked out that), and a new cycling jersey that I ordered for myself a few weeks ago (just in case- the Saxo Bank Swiss National Champion Jersey worn by Fabian Cancellara- if you must know (or even care)).

Back to the Grind

The alarm goes off at 6 am.  It’s back to the grind.

Out the door at 6.30 for a quick bike ride.

Reminding myself of the need to go to the store, thinking of things we need, and wondering what I will be making for dinner tonight.

Wait a minute.  Early morning bike ride, going to the store, cooking dinner…  this sounds exactly like my vacation to Destin.

Where’s the beach?

Where’s the pool?

Where’s the ICE CREAM?????

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