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About Chris

Hello.  I’m Chris.  (You would not believe how long I spent trying to come up with a better opening sentence, and this is the best I could do.  It’s sad.)

(The other night, unable to sleep, basking in the glow of the fact that the author of I book I’d reviewed had tweeted about my review and my blog, I had a flash of realization- there is nothing about me on this site (other than my inane thoughts).  It’s just The Long Road. How did I overlook this important fact?  Well, I could easily remedy that oversight with a page (or post for those of you reading on the blog) such as this.  I then decided to bolster my ego back up and re-read the review that I’d written about this author’s book.  Not a good idea.  Now I see all those typos.  Not when I published it, but NOW.  How did I not catch those?  Don’t worry, I corrected them.)

The Basics

As of this writing (Aug 2010), I’m 40 and getting closer to 41.  (I think people call this middle-aged.  I prefer to think of myself as young.)  I am married to someone (happily for 18 years), and we have one son, Samuel (5, as of this writing).  (Why don’t you mention someone’s name?  Hmm.  Good question.  I think she might prefer to remain anonymous, but I’ll ask her.)

Raised in San Antonio, college education in Abilene (Hardin-Simmons University), and now a resident of Arlington.  (So, I’m Texan through and through- but I don’t drive a truck.  I drive a Camry.  Although I used to drive a truck.  Samuel tells me he remembers this truck and wishes I still had it.  “But you were 2.  How can you remember this?”  He insists he does.)

So about that biking thing?

I am not a racer.  I just enjoy cycling.  (Someone’s editorial comment:  A LOT!!!)  (By the way, someone didn’t editorialize that, but I know what she’s thinking.)  That’s all there is to it (kinda boring).  I like the sport.  (And by the way, I’m nowhere good enough to race.)

So about that reading thing?

Yes, I read a lot.  (It helps to be a fast reader.)  I read a wide variety of books.  Sometimes, I just wander the aisles of a bookstore looking at things that catch my attention.  Sometimes, I read a review or get something from my amazon recommendations.  If I don’t like a book, I don’t finish it (and I only mention the books I’ve liked.)

What else do you write about?

Things that amuse or interest me or catch my attention.  Odd things always seem to happen to me.  (For those people who say “odd things happen to odd people,” I disagree.  I consider myself completely well-adjusted.  It’s just the rest of the world that’s warped.)  (Someone’s editorial comment:  No, he’s warped.  This stuff ONLY happens to him.)

What does The Long Road mean?

I don’t know.  I thought the name sounded cool.

Maybe it means that everything I’ve learned in life (ain’t much), I’ve had to take the long road to do so.

Or maybe it means that if you give a cyclist a choice, he will always take the long road.  (And this has gotten me into trouble on a number of occasions, because the long road also means the road you’ve never been down before and you don’t know where it will lead or end.  This is why I need the Garmin Edge 705.  Not really.  (Garmin, I didn’t mean that, I just “had” to put that in.))

Thanks for reading.  If you want, you can send me an email (I can’t guarantee a response- I have miles to ride and books to read, but I’ll try.)

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