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Your Inner Nerd

When the first person asked me if I was really (“Seriously, really?” was the question) into cycling that much, I sheepishly (embarrassingly) answered “Yes.”  (I also made a mental note not to let this person borrow my iPod, lest they see the multiple cycling documentaries or race video recaps I have, nor should I mention that I just pre-ordered another cycling documentary, Chasing Legends.)

When the umpteenth person asked me that question, I boldly thrust out my chest and proclaimed, “YES!” (And the other part of my brain wondered why nobody called me out for reading so much.)

I had realized over the course of days that we all have our inner nerd and mine just happens to fixate on cycling.

While munching on chips, queso, and a burrito at FreeBirds (don’t be a hater, I love me some Chipotle too), I intently eavesdropped on 2 guys who talked rather passionately and extensively (approximately 30 minutes) about bug spray.  (Seriously.  No kidding.  No joke.  Bug spray!)  They talked about the history of bug spray, the different types of bug spray, why some spray works and some doesn’t, and which sprayer is the best bug sprayer.  (And one guy was giddy because he had just bought a new bug sprayer and he had it out in the truck.)

Seriously, it’s bug spray.  Who cares?

Your inner nerd, if he’s into bug spray.

Since then, I’ve been paying attention (eavesdropping actually) on people’s conversations to determine what their inner nerd is channeling.  (Just some of the things I’ve heard:  Guns, shooting things, running, cars, ham radio, Twilight, fantasy football and baseball, MMA, disc golf, and scrapbooking.  (Okay, I didn’t overhear that one, I tripped over it’s stuff when I walked in the house (Comment from Dear Wife:  Like we don’t trip over your cycling stuff?))

Some of your inner nerds are into some weird stuff.  (Bug spray?!  Really?  And for your information, these guys were not dressed in the uniforms of bug spraying companies, but were just 2 guys having lunch.)

So, I’m happy with what my inner nerd is channeling.  It’s fun, slightly expensive (Dear Wife comment:  Slightly?!!), and keeps me in shape.  With that said, I will not apologize for my obsessiveness.  Instead, I’m going to pull out my Cycle Ops Trainer, hook it up to my Trek Madone bike, throw on some Pearl Izumi bibs along with one of my jerseys (maybe one from Mellow Johnny’s or maybe another), plug in my earbuds, and watch A Sunday in Hell (the documentary about the Paris-Roubaix race, not the one about church) while I spin away in my room surrounded by my Opsal cycling art.  (I would go outside, but it’s raining.)

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  1. Cory
    June 25, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    So. Who was into discgolf?

    • June 27, 2010 at 7:35 pm

      A number of individuals. Thanks for reading

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