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Reading Roundup: June 2010

Here’s a list of the books that I read in June (in no particular order) that I found interesting (quite a variety this month):

  • The Match King:  The Financial Genius Behind a Century of Wall Street Scandals by Frank Partnoy-  A bio of the life of Ivar Kreuger, who created a financial empire by raising money from American investors which he then used to lend to European governments in exchange for match monopolies.  It sounds implausible, but with the right personality at the right time, he succeeded (at least for a time).  All would go well as long as investors continued to give him money, but when the stock market crashed in 1929, that would be no more.  The questions about his business practices intensified, which then led to Kreuger’s forging of documents with the Italian government.  The downward spiral began.  Very interesting read.  Kreuger’s schemes played a large role in the passage of the securities laws of the 1930’s.
  • Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself:  A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace by David Lipsky- Incredible.
  • Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas- Great
  • Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk- Where else are you going to find a review of Bonhoeffer followed by one of Palahniuk?  My reading can be described as eclectic.  Palahniuk’s novel, Pygmy, is not for everyone.  The content and subject matter will turn some people off.  But if you can get past some of the content and subject matter, the story is about the evolution, change, and perhaps redemption of a the main character, Pygmy (don’t want to give away the ending).  On another level, the literary abilities of Palahniuk shine brightly in this novel.  The novel is written from the perspective of a foreigner who is reporting in English as their second language- thus the writing is abbreviated and static (and very well done).
  • This is Water by David Foster Wallace- a challenging commencement address.
  • Fascinate by Sally Hogshead- She presents an intriguing idea about how people influence one another.  Very interesting.
  • The Wisdom of Stability:  Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove-  A challenge to people to stay put so they can grow and develop, rather than thinking if I go there or do that then I will grow and develop.
  • The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurst- outstanding
  • Shakespeare Wrote For Money by Nick Hornby- the third compilation of Hornby’s columns from Believer magazine about books he’s been reading as well as life in general.  Interesting to read about books that I haven’t heard of, but now might be interested in reading.
  • Boy Racer by Mark Cavendish-great
  • Tour De Lance:  The Extraordinary Story of Lance Armstrong’s Fight to Reclaim the Tour De France by Bill Strickland- excellent book
  • Praise Habit:  Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi by David Crowder- a unique writing style with an interesting take on readings from various Psalms.
  • Le Metier by Michael Barry- Although the price tag made me hesitant, the book is fully worth it.  Barry takes you into the mind of a professional cyclist through the various seasons of the year, and the photography of Camille McMillan is brilliant (my favorites were of the Winter).
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