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Notable Book: Bike Snob

Bike Snob:  Systematically and Mercilessly Realigning The Word of Cycling by BikeSnobNYC (his blog moniker) is a riotous book about the world of cycling.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do in cycling, he will mock you (again and again).

If you are the pretentious cyclist who takes him self a little too seriously, you may not want to read this book since he will take you down a few notches.  (The fools who are riding brakeless bikes, for one.  (Oh wait a minute, I did that for a brief period of time, scratch that last comment.  In my defense, I did so as a thirteen year old.  I didn’t know any better.))

If you just starting out and want to avoid making a lot of mistakes, you will want to read this book.  You’ll learn about the cycling sub-cultures (roadies, mountain bikers, triathletes, urban cyclists, messengers, the contraption captains, and more).  You will learn that your bicycle doesn’t have a soul, it’s a piece of machinery meant to get used and scratched.  (Ironically, some cyclists differ with this, and won’t even venture outside if there is a chance of rain.  And it’s the people who take it way too seriously that suck all the life out of it.  To correct those, we have BikeSnobNYC and his latest book.)

Most of all, you’ll be reminded that riding a bike is fun.  Yes, there might be pain involved, and you will crash, but overall, cycling is fun.

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