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Notable Book: Wisdom Chaser: Finding My Father At 14,000 Feet

Wisdom Chaser:  Finding My Father at 14,000 Feet by Nathan Foster is a moving, profound book.  Nathan is the son of author Richard J. Foster (Celebration of Discipline), and over the years a chasm had developed in their relationship.  They didn’t know one another.  They didn’t communicate.  They lived separate lives.

With one question, “Dad, do you want to climb the highest mountain in Colorado?” a bridge between the two began to be built.  Along the way, father and son begin to get to know one another.  Are they as different as they thought?  Or do they share some similar traits?  Can they help one another?  Can they learn from one another?

Nathan shares his struggles with addiction and finding his own way in the shadow of his father.  Richard J. Foster is a celebrated Christian author who has travelled all over the world speaking to people.  Nathan recounts how he had trouble reconciling the man he knew as a father with the man people admired for writing the words that changed their lives.  In fact, he took to telling people that his father was actually a lumberjack.

This engaging book displays how 2 people, father and son, once estranged, can rebuild that relationship.  It’s possible for that bridge to be gapped, for that mountain to be climbed.

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