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Notable Book: Permission To Speak Freely

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Permission To Speak Freely, Anne Jackson’s second book, is a more than worthy follow-up to her first book, Mad Church Disease.  The genesis of this book began with one question posted on her blog, “What is the one thing you feel that you can’t say in the church?”  That one question sparked a flood of comments that led to this book.

Throughout the book, she injects some of the comments she received from others along with her own story.  Raised as a Baptist pastor’s kid, she shares her battle with depression and pornography, her frustration with the church, and the irritation of why people can’t be free to speak what burdens them in the church.  But Anne does tell of experiences of hope and grace, of meeting people who have had similar struggles, and being able to lean on one another in times of need.

In one chapter, Anne describes the Gift of Going Second.  Essentially, when one person has the courage to tell another of their struggles, of how they need help, of how they aren’t perfect (because who really is), and maybe even how they found help, then that person who has gone first has opened the door for someone else to tell their story.  Hence, they don’t have to worry about being the first person to speak up, but rather they get the Gift of Going Second.

If you live in a glass bubble, this book might break into your reality.  It might awaken you to the truth of your own life and the struggles that you are ignoring.

If you have struggles, if you suffer from whatever, and if you worry about what if someone knew, then this is a great book for you.  You will see that you are not alone.  Keeping the pain to yourself does more harm than good.

Great book.  Inspiring book.

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