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The Year of Soccer

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, we are now one of those families.

A soccer family.

2010 is the Year of the World Cup.

Somehow, I found myself reading multiple soccer books this year (The Beckham Experiment, Bloody Confused, and We Are The Damned United), and I have another one one the shelf waiting to be read (The Real Madrid).

And we signed Samuel up for soccer with the YMCA.

My understanding of soccer can be summed up as follows:  no hands (except for the goalie), kick the ball in the goal, and that’s about it.

But Samuel is completely into it.  He’s enjoyed the one game (which I had to miss, so I have no report on it).  He’s loved the practices (4 so far).  I don’t know if he actually enjoys the practice, or if it’s the target practice at me afterwards.  (Last week, I played goalie after practice while Samuel and many of his teammates repeatedly fired soccer balls at me at the same time.)  (Or it could be that we went to Brusters Ice Cream after one practice and he’s hoping we’ll do that again.)

And the interest in soccer has extended beyond the practices and games.  For boy’s night (he and I), he took the pylons into the backyard and came up with game after game.  First, we took turns being the goalie.  Then he moved the pylons into the middle of the yard (three deep on each side about a foot apart).  To score, you had to kick the ball down the middle of the pylons, but not over, nor could the ball touch the first or last pylon, but the third one was okay.  (I think I have the rules down right, he kept changing them as we played.)  Lastly, we set the pylons up across the yard and played target practice, trying to kick each of the pylons with a soccer ball.

One hour later, we were tired.

And the season has just started.

For now, his bike is collecting dust in the garage.

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