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The Case of the Missing Tooth

The loss of the first tooth is generally considered a special event in the life of a child, and for the memento-collecting parents that first tooth is one to be kept and cherished (as disgusting as that might sound).  What do you do when that tooth goes missing?  I don’t know, but I know we have a story about it- one that includes a birthday, pink eye, and a baseball-sized meatball.

In Samuel’s case, he nearly lost his first tooth when he accidentally jabbed himself in the mouth with a fork.  The tooth came loose, but never fell out.  Eventually, it settled back in, but the dentist told us not to worry, “It’ll come out eventually.”

Time passed and we forgot about this tooth.  For Angela’s birthday, we decided to go out to eat, and she chose an Italian restaurant (whose name shall remain nameless).

The week had not been the best in our household.  Samuel had developed pink eye in one eye, and I (after proudly boasting that I’d never had pink eye, developed it in both eyes).  It would be an interesting evening.

In this dimly lit establishment, I tried my best to look over the menu.  Not so easy when it’s dark, and you’re constantly wiping goo from your eyes.  I read the options to Samuel, and he decided on spaghetti and meatballs.  When the meal arrived, it was actually spaghetti and meatball (singular).

But it was one monster meatball.  (Think baseball-sized meatball.)

Samuel jabbed this monstrosity with his fork and started eating.  Part way through his meal, he said, “This meatball bent my tooth.”


Not altogether understanding what he was talking about anyway, we laughed off his comment and kept eating.

A few moments later, Samuel, sitting across from me, was talking and something didn’t look right.  Between the lighting and my pink eye, I wasn’t sure I was seeing what I was seeing.  Rather, something appeared to be missing.  I tried blinking my eyes a few times, but I still couldn’t see clearly.

“Look at his mouth,” I told Angela, “something’s not right.”

Either he had one big piece of basil stuck in his tooth or he was missing a bottom tooth.

“He’s missing a tooth,” she exclaimed.  “Where is it?”

We searched the remaining part of his meatball, we searched the spaghetti on his plate, we looked on the floor, and we had him stand up out of his chair.  We couldn’t find his tooth anywhere.

That left one option.

“Did you swallow your tooth?” we asked.

“I don’t know,” he answered.

“Well, if it’s not here, then it must be there,” I said, pointing to his belly.

“How will I give it to the tooth fairy?” he asked.

A couple of options flashed through my mind and not a one of them seemed appealing to me.  Sometimes, you just have to pass on the mementos.

“We’ll leave a note for the tooth fairy.  I’m sure it will be okay,” I said.

So even though the tooth went missing, we have a pretty good idea of where it went.

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  1. Tonya
    January 7, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Lol!! I am just now finding this one….must have missed it!! How funny. I didn’t know that had happened. What a story for the first tooth.
    By the way…I’m curious about what Italian restaurant this was…

    • January 9, 2011 at 8:31 pm

      Patrizio’s in Cedar Hill

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