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Reading Roundup: December 2010

I read a couple of really good books this month (Open and The Long Run).  I also gave up on a couple that weren’t that enjoyable, but I haven’t listed those below.  Here’s a selection of the books that I found interesting this month:

  • Open by Andre Agassi- By far the best book I read this month as well as one of the best I’ve read this year.  Raw and unflinching.  You wouldn’t expect him to say that he hates tennis, especially given the success he’s achieved, but he never wavers from that statement.  An inside look at success and people’s expectations of you.
  • The Long Run by Matt Long-  Another very good book this month.  This NY fireman/triathlete was hit by a NY city bus while riding his bike, and this book describes the accident and his long road to recovery.  Having been hit by a truck myself (though my injuries paled in comparison to Long’s), I found myself fascinated by his journey.
  • In Pursuit of Glory by Bradley Wiggins-  A book on cycling, what can I say?  Covers his life through the 2009 Tour De France.  The opening chapter is not what you’d expect in a cycling autobiography, but it perfectly puts his life in context.
  • The Next Christians:  The Good News About The End of Christian America by Gabe Lyons-  Well-done and insightful.  The future is not bleak.
  • Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing by Mignon Fogary-  If you can’t stand to read about grammar, then give her weekly (and very brief) podcast a listen.
  • The Ice Bowl:  The Cold Truth About Football’s Most Unforgettable Game by Ed Gruver-  About the football game played between the Packers and Cowboys.  Enjoyable.
  • The Man Who Smiled by Kurt Wallander
  • Blackout:  An Inspector Espinosa Mystery by Luiz Alfredo Garcia
  • Alone In The Crowd:  An Inspector Espinosa Mystery by Luiz Alfredo Garcia
  • Know-How:  The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform From Those Who Don’t by Ram Charan
  • The Original Jesus:  The Life and Vision of a Revolutionary by NT Wright
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