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About the Cover For THE ACCIDENT

The response to The Accident has been great.  I am overwhelmed.  Since a few people have asked about the cover, I thought I’d explain how it came into being.

But I’m not going to tell you what the truck means.  For that you have to read the book.

All the advice I found highlighted the importance of the cover.  It must be good.  To get ideas for my book, I looked at so many different book covers.  I looked at cycling books (even though my book is on a biking accident, it’s not all about biking) and a wide variety of different non-fiction books.

Somewhere in this process, I got the idea for a black cover, white letters, and a cover photograph.  I just needed that picture.

And a photographer.  A photographer who would work cheaply.

The first idea for a cover photograph involved the bike that had been in the accident.  Seeing as how I never fixed it, I thought I could position it somehow so that it looked like it had just been in an accident.

Then I asked Angela, my wonderful wife, who is always taking pictures, if she could take the picture I wanted.

“Of course.”

We planned to do it one day, then another, and then another.  Things kept coming up, which turned out to be a good thing because then I had the idea for another cover.

“What if we could take a picture that makes it look like a car is coming up behind me on a bike?  We can park the car and I can ride by it while you take the picture.

“I can do that,” Angela said.

We settled on a Sunday afternoon to take the picture.  It was overcast and cold, with the temperature hovering at forty degrees.  We parked the car in an empty parking lot near our house, Samuel played in the grass nearby (completely bored and letting us know he felt that way), and I started riding my bike by the car.

At first, I kept a jacket on to keep warm while Angela took a couple of practice shots to figure out where she needed to stand.  On the second pass, she got the perfect photograph.  Unfortunately, I was wearing a jacket.

“That was easy,” Angela said.

We thought it would be easy to get a second shot when I took my jacket off.  In reality, I took thirty or forty passes by the car before we got the perfect picture again.

After that, we took two pictures of the mangled bike laying on the ground and realized that the picture of the bike and the car was much better.  Despite my skinny, pasty, half-frozen legs.

I had an idea, a photograph, but no way of getting it done.  I made a couple of attempts but the quality was quite poor.  A friend of mine, Rafe Grigar, intervened and gave me some help which enabled me to take the idea in my head and get it on the cover of my book.

I couldn’t have made the cover happen without either of them.


The Accident:  A Bike, A Truck, and A Train is available as an ebook from Amazon for the Kindle (coming soon to the Nook) for $2.99.  It is also available as a paperback from Amazon for $9.95.

If you’d like to purchase a copy directly from me, send me an email.

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