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The Accidents and Near Accidents That Didn’t Make THE ACCIDENT

I love hearing what people say about The Accident.  “Laugh out loud,” “People really said that to you?” and “I’m not sure I want to ride a bike after reading your book.”  I hope that’s not the case.  I love riding a bike, but I can see how the accidents in the Prologue might leave some people with the fear of riding a bike.  I guess it’s a good thing I left out some of the other accidents and near accidents.  Here’s the ones that didn’t make the book:

In the second or third grade, not sure which, I had my first bike versus car encounter.  However, this one, unlike the one in the book, was entirely my fault.  We lived on Gardenia street in San Antonio and I had ridden my bike to school.  After school, I stopped at a barbecue restaurant and bought a fudge brownie.

It was delicious.

I wished I’d had enough money for another one, but having spent all money I started the bike ride home.  I was smart enough to stay off of West Avenue, a busy street near our house.  Instead, I rode along the pothole marked streets of our neighborhood.  In addition to my dislike of the potholes, there were stop signs at every street.

The stop signs halted my progress and slowed me down so I ignored them.

I pedaled through every stop sign as if it didn’t exist.  I never slowed to to check for traffic, I never turned my head one way or another, I just barreled ahead as fast as I could.

It was only the honking horn and screeching tires of a truck that got my attention.  Unfortunately, I was halfway through the intersection when I heard these noises.  I didn’t even have time to hit the brakes.  My head moved in the direction of this noise and my young eyes stared directly at the grill of a truck.  He was maybe ten feet away.

That was a close one.

He may have rolled down his window and yelled a few things at me.  I may have learned a few words that Mom and Dad probably didn’t want me to know.  But they would be helpful in future bike versus car encounters.

In the eighth grade, I pedaled over to a 7-11 to get the latest copy of Sports Illustrated.  We were living in San Antonio, this time on Oxford Drive, and the 7-11 was located on Vance Jackson across the street from some apartment complexes.

Somebody at the apartment complex had decided to wash their car that morning.

I folded the magazine in half and stuffed it into my back pocket.  I hopped on the bike, sped out of the parking lot, across Vance Jackson, and turned right on Nassau, just hitting my top speed.  At that moment, I encountered the water runoff from the individual who was washing his car in the apartment complex.

The bike and I began sliding across the street.  We would have slid further but our progress was stopped by a car at the stop light.  The driver appeared startled at the thud and screech of the bike and I when we hit his car door.  At least, he didn’t roll down the window and teach me a few new words.  Of course, if he’d seen the scratches I left on his car door, then he might have.

I hopped up, pulled the bike out from underneath this man’s car, and rode home.  The magazine escaped unscathed.

And then there was the time I broke my big toe walking down the stairs.  But there were no bikes or cars involved in that accident.  I guess that one just makes me a klutz.


The Accident:  A Bike, A Truck, and A Train is available as an ebook from Amazon for the Kindle (coming soon to the Nook) for $2.99.  It is also available as a paperback from Amazon for $9.95.

If you’d like to purchase a copy directly from me, send me an email.

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