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The Best Books I Read This Month (Feb 2012)

Here’s the best of what I read in February:

  • 11/22/1963 by Stephen King- This was the first Stephen King novel I’ve read.  Where have I been?Having been impressed with his non-fiction, I thought I’d delve into his most recent work.  11/22/1963 was great!  Well-written, superb plot, mystery, science fiction, and a bit of a love story.  When a book entertains you along the way and then leaves you thinking about it for a few days later, the author has done his job.
  • J.D. Salinger:  A Life by Kenneth Slawenski-  I was looking forward to learning more about Salinger, particularly his later years, having read some previous biographies of him, but there was nothing new about his later years in this book.  I doubt the writer can be faulted for that.  Salinger went to great lengths to keep his life private.  However, the biographer provides great insights into Salinger’s early years, particularly how the war shaped and molded him.  Having read a bio of Vonnegut last month, it was interesting to see how WW2 altered their perspectives.
  • Iron War:  Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and The Greatest Race Ever Run by Matt Fitzgerald- Details the battle between Dave Scott and Mark Allen at the Kona IronMan in 1989 that had the two running side by side until the end.  Many point to this as the greatest IronMan race ever.  Also provides background on both men, how the IronMan came into being, and their role the sport’s growth.
  • Operating Instructions:  A Journal of My Son’s First Year by Anne Lamott- Hilarious.  Lamott journals the first year of raising her son as a single mom in her own neurotic way.  She has a new book coming out about her grandson.
  • Still:  A Notes on A Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren Winner
  • A Life Too Short by Ronald Reng-
  • The Lineup:  The World’s Greatest Crime Writers Tell The Inside Story of Their Detectives
  • Simply Jesus:  A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters by NT Wright
  • The Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning by Hallgrimur Helgason
  • The Detachment by Barry Eisler
  • A Literary Life by Larry McMurtry
  • When The Garden Was Eden:  Clyde, The Captain, Dollar Bill, and the Glory Days of the New York Knicks by Harvey Araton

The Re-Reads:

  • Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott-  Again, this is one of the best books on writing and life.
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