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This Accident Should Only Require A Blog Post (I Hope)

The last time I hit the pavement on my bike (8/11/09) the police, fire department, EMS, and later an attorney were involved.  Of course, that time a truck sent me sprawling to the street.  The whole ordeal was the basis for my first book, The Accident:  A Bike, A Truck, and A Train.

It’s been nearly three years since my last concrete kiss and yesterday (6/25/12) I hit the pavement again.  I was reminded of one thing- it hurts.  But this accident should only require a blog post unless the wounds fester, become infected, and require a hospital stay.  If that were to happen, then I might have an interesting book to write.  But I doubt that will be the case (and you might agree once you see the wounds- pictures below).

I neared the end of a two and a half hour ride and was just a few short miles from home.  As I approach a T-intersection, where I would turn right, I pulled on my brakes to slow down.  I looked to my left to check for any oncoming traffic.  There was none.  By this time, I’d slowed to a few miles per hour.

I faced forward and prepared to accelerate.  Yet, when I looked ahead of me, I realized that I’d drifted too far to the right and was now inches from the sidewalk curb.  I didn’t have the time to steer away from the curb or attempt to jump the curb because as I soon as I saw the curb I hit the curb.  This twelve inch high concrete barrier stopped the forward progress of the bike but my body sailed forward.  Unlike my last accident, I recall every detail of this one.  The whole thing occurred in slow motion.  I landed on my right side.  And by landed I mean bounced and slid along the sidewalk.

Fortunately, not a single car drove by at this moment, saving me the humiliation of having to tell someone “I’m all right.”

When I got home, Samuel was nice enough to document the injuries (the scrape on my right elbow).

When I showed the injuries to Angela and Samuel, they responded with “Eh, we’ve seen worse.”


In other blog-related news, there’s been a dearth of posts here lately.  The reason being is that I’m halfway through the third draft of my second book.  I hope to have this draft finished soon and in the hands of some readers to get their feedback  (I hesitate to give a publication date yet).  Giving all my focus to the book, I haven’t had time to write anything here.  I have some topics lined up, but they’ll have to wait.

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