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My Book “One Last Word: Finding My Dad Again” is NOW Available.

I’m very excited to announce that my next book, “One Last Word:  Finding My Dad Again” is now available.

One Last Word is my journey to understand my Dad, the life we shared, its ups and downs, the things I got about my Dad, and the things I didn’t.  When my Dad passed away in May 2011, many people asked, “Would you have liked to have spoken with your Dad one last time?”  At first, I thought “No.”  But as I thought about the question I realized that maybe I did need one last conversation with Dad.  Maybe I still had questions about our life together. The words contained in this book are my attempt to have one last conversation, to share one last word, with my Dad.

I’m very proud of the book and hope you will enjoy it.  (If you do, I would appreciate a review on Amazon or even a recommendation of the book to a friend.)

One Last Word is available in both ebook ($4.99) and paperback formats ($10.95).  Here’s how you can get your copy:

Amazon Kindle
Paperback (from Amazon)
Nook (coming soon or go to Smashwords for a Nook version)
Smashwords (for other ebook formats)

If you’d like to order a paperback copy from me, just reply to this email and we’ll arrange shipping and such.  I will have copies available the first week of November (if you want a paperback sooner, Amazon is your best option).

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the book!


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