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So What Does This Average Guy Think About Lance And The Confession?

Five minutes after the Lance-Oprah interview started, my phone started buzzing with texts from friends.  “What do you think?” they wanted to know.

I’m not sure what they were expecting.  Maybe they thought I’d be crestfallen, crushed that the most famous American cyclist a cheat.  Maybe they figured I’d be furious with him and perhaps even the sport.  Or maybe they thought I might be willing to part with my bike at a really good price (think again).

What do you, average cyclist guy, think about Lance and his confession?

I found the entire drama fascinating.  However, I must admit that the confession and the corresponding fallout have almost zero effect on me.  I’m not a professional cyclist nor do I know any.  I don’t know anyone affiliated with professionaly cycling or the parties involved in this whole escapade.  I empathize with those who had their careers and reputations damaged (and damaged is an understatement to what was done to them).  I find it disturbing that a group of people were willing to lie and cheat to gain an advantage, to increase their opportunities, to expand their fame, and to fatten their wealth, but I’m also not nieve.  This sort of corrosive behavior exists in every aspect of life and I applaud those who will stand up against people who act like this, whatever the cost.

But does the confession change anything for me in regards to cycling?

Not really.  I fell in love with the act of riding a bike.  I love to be on a bike with the sun on my face and the wind at my back.  My grandfather gave me my first bike at age five or six, I bought my first ten speed in the fourth grade, and at just about every point in my life I’ve owned at least one bike.  One of my greatest thrills as a parent was teaching my son to ride a bike.  Someone’s boorish and offensive behavior can’t change that (the possible exception being the truck driver who hit me while I was riding a bike in 2009- he came the closest).

The confession does nothing to change my love of riding a bike.

And unlike others, the confession does nothing to diminish my interest in the sport of professional cycling.  My friends are giving up on the sport in droves.  Despite the best efforts of professional cycling to ruin itself, to royally mismanage itself, I’m one of those few who will keep coming back to watch the Classics and the Tour.  (Heck, I’ll even be checking twitter during an Easter church service for the latest updates on Paris-Roubaix.)

But I take professional cycling for what it is- entertainment.  These guys are not role models, they’re sports entertainers with great jobs.  I hope the people of professional cycling get their sport straightened out.  Drugs and cheating are just one of the problems they face.  Just one.

But if the sport goes away (and by the way they’re acting it just might), I’ll still be riding my bike.  I’ll be riding not because of a professional, not because of some guy, but because I love to ride a bike.  That doesn’t change.

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