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What I’m Reading (March 2013)

This past month’s standouts were a couple of very different yet very similar novels as  well as a thought-provoking book on the idea of God and figuring out how to live one’s life.

1Q84 by Huraki Murakami.  This book took me two months to finish (that ought to be an indicator of how long it is) and I’m not sure how to even describe it.  It’s about vigilantes, cult religion, devotion, publishing, authenticity, justice, a strained relationship between a father and a son, abuse, alternate realities (hint:  that’s where the Q in 1Q84 comes from), the search for meaning, perceivers and receivers (you have to read the book), and probably a whole lot more.  Of course, it’s all done the typical Murakami mind-bending postmodern way.  Yet, at its core, 1Q84 is the story of two people searching for one another, but told in a very unique way.

I’ve heard many people rave about John Green, so I decided to try An Abundance of Katherines.  If you like Nick Hornby, you’ll probably like John Green.  Green’s writing reminds me a great deal of Hornby (High Fidelity being my favorite).  The book follows a teenage genius who has been dumped by his nineteenth girlfriend, all who have been named Katherine.  The book is a journey to discovery- authenticity, friendship, and even love.

Rob Bell released his latest book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God.  Like most of Bell’s books, some will love it and some will hate it.  If you’re looking for a book to reaffirm what you already believe, then you’ll want to avoid this book.   If you’re looking for something to challenge your thoughts of God (particularly the way most people tend to think of God) and if you want to have it done in a unique way, then you’ll probably like this book.  I fall in that latter camp.

Last month I was raving about Brene Brown’s latest book, Daring Greatly, and this month I read an earlier one, The Gifts of Imperfection, which was quite good as well.  In this book, you’ll find she touches on a number of the same themes that she does in Daring Greatly (which is one of the best books you’ll ever read).

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton Christensen provides some interesting thoughts and challenges as to how people get where they are.  The idea, according to the author, is to balance of intentionality (choosing who or what you will give your attention to) along with giving oneself the freedom to follow different paths that may seem to divert you from your stated objective.  In other words, I’m headed towards Door A, but somebody opens another door to the side that appears to lead me away from Door A, yet it could eventually lead to something better than Door A.  That idea alone was worth me reading this month and has been beneficial to me.

The Richard Stark Parker series read continued as this month I finished: The Rare Coin Score, The Green Eagle Score, The Black Ice Score, and The Sour Lemon Score.

Some other books I read this month:  Crime Beat: A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers by Michael Connelly, It’s Not About the Tights by Chris Brogan, Being Jesus in Nashville by Jim Palmer, and Blood Horses:  Notes of Sportwriter’s Son by John Jeremiah Sullivan.


If you find yourself a fan of Southern Goth (like Flannery O’Connor, you might like the FX show Justified.  A couple of people recommended the show to me and I’ve been watching the first three seasons on Amazon Prime.  Season One moves slowly at times and seems to find its grove in the last three or four episodes.  Season Two was great and Season Three looks to be quite good as well.

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