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What I’m Reading (July 2013)

July contained some long awaited releases, particularly on the mystery-crime writing front.

First up, The Redeemer (A Harry Hole Novel) by Jo Nesbo.  Nesbo is one of the most successful crime and mystery writers today and he might be my favorite.  The Redeemer is not the latest in the Harry Hole series, but the latest to be translated into English. At first, it was a bit difficult trying to figure out where Hole was in the series, what had happened before and what had happened after, but as a stand alone thriller, The Redeemer was right up there with the others in the series.

Second was A Conspiracy of Faith by Jussi Adler-Olsen.  Another in the Department Q series, this one started off a little slow.  I was beginning to wonder what I’d enjoyed so much about the previous two.  Well, somewhere around page 40 or 50, the story kicked in and I was hooked.  A good book is one I don’t want to put down and A Conspiracy of Faith fit into this category.  As you can imagine by the title, the criminal has a religious background and most of the time writers fall into stereotypes when crafting such figures, but Adler-Olsen has created a memorable criminal.

Third, I was really looking forward to Countdown City:  The Last Policeman Book  II (The Last Policeman Trilogy) by Ben H. Winters.  The first book in the series, The Last Policeman, was tremendous, an end of the world murder mystery, unique and unlike anything I’d read before. Countdown City is as good and to tell you anything would spoil the plot. I’m looking forward to the final installment in the series.

Enough murder and mystery.

The Little Way of Ruthie Leming by Rod Dreher was highly recommended to me and I would do the same with one caveat, have a box of Kleenex nearby. Dreher recounts his experience of growing up in a small town, moving away, and moving back against the backdrop of his younger sister’s cancer diagnosis.  Phenomenal book.

Here’s some of the other books I read in July: Difficult Men:  Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution by Brett Martin (a superb book on the television revolution and ought to be read alongside Alan Sepinwall’s The Revolution Was Televised); LA Noir:  The Struggle for the Soul of America’s Most Seductive City by John Buntin (a great history of the growth of crime and police in Los Angeles); Kings of the Road:  How Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, and Alberto Salazar Made Running Go Boom by Cameron Stracher,  I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman, Mastermind:  How Dave Brailsford Reinvented the Wheel by Richard Moore, Racing Hard by William Fotheringham, This Love Is Not For Cowards by Robert Andrew.

Also, if you have a moment, you might want to read this graduation speech from George Saunders (and you should read his books as well).


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