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What I’m Reading (September 2013)

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In between training for a 100 mile bike ride in Waco (the Waco Wild West- which I did and finished), interviewing writers for Writer Talk, putting the finishing touches on my next book (Secrets To Keep), and celebrating my birthday all month-long (there are dozens of leftover chocolate chip cookies wrapped and frozen in the freezer for another day), I managed to squeeze in some reading.

Salinger. A very intriguing book with lots of new information and theories. I devoted an entire post to the book here.

Adrian McKinty, an Irish crime fiction writer of numerous books, has written two books of an intended trilogy, which is set in Ireland in the 1980’s amidst the Protestant-Catholic wars. The books, The Cold Cold Ground (Book One of The Troubles Trilogy) and I Hear Sirens In The Street (Book Two of The Troubles Trilogy), were great. I’m looking forward to the third one when it comes out next year.

After catching up on McKinty’s latest, I stumbled upon The Midnight Choir by Gene Kerrigan, another Irish writer. Fast-paced, great characters, and an ear for dialogue. At first, I had trouble seeing how all the various plot lines were going to come together, but they do, and they pack a wallop. His writing reminded me of Ken Bruen.

This month, I came across the writings of Nadia Bolz-Weber. I read a short blurb on someone’s blog about her new book, Pastrix, and was intrigued enough to read her first book, Salvation on the Small Screen? This was one of those books where I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it first. Of course, I’m not a tattooed, female Lutheran minister so it might not have worked as well. Bolz-Webber, along with a revolving and eclectic group of friends, watched TBN for 24 straight hours. Slightly snarky, a bit serious, and highly entertaining.

Her second book, Pastrix, a theological memoir, was released in September and it is unlike any other spiritual memoir you’ll ever read. In it, she tells the story of how she went from kid in a fundamentalist church to an alcoholic and drug addict to becoming the tattooed Lutheran minister she is today. Some might be put off by the four letter words, but I found the book refreshingly honest.

Other books I read this month: Driving Mr. Albert by Michael Paterniti (the author drives the pathologist who removed Einstein’s brain during the autopsy and Einstein’s actual brain across country), It’s All About The Bike by Sean Yates (another good book on cycling), The Question That Never Goes Away by Philip Yancey (a follow-up book to Disappointment with God), The Man Within My Head by Pico Iyer, and A Faith of Our Own by Jonathan Merritt.


Where’s my next book, Secrets To Keep? It’s almooooooost done. Almost.

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