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What I’m Reading (October 2013)

October is one of the months when publishers release their big Fall titles. This month, when I wasn’t copy-editing my own book, interviewing writers, and starting a new job, I found a bit of time to read a few of those new books along with some other excellent ones.

One of the big Fall titles is David And Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and The Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell. Another excellent, thought-provoking book. Gladwell shouldn’t be read as the end-all, be-all definitive authority on a topic, nor is that his goal. His purpose is to challenge and provoke conventional wisdom, which he does with this book, looking at how the small or uneducated or even handicapped have overcome others.

The Invisible Girls by Sarah Thebarge. An absolutely mesmerizing book. The second time I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. The book is a memoir, weaving two tales of Thebarge’s life, her fight and struggle against an aggressive form of breast cancer at age twenty-seven, which she survives, and her struggle to help a family of Somalian refugees she happens upon in a chance encounter on a bus. Well worth the time to read.

I finished the last three of Gene Kerrigan’s most recent Irish crime novels- Little CriminalsDark Times In The City, and The Rage. If you like crime fiction or mysteries, these are well worth a read. Kerrigan has shot to the top of the list of my favorite crime writers. Fantastic, fast-paced, and weaving a multitude of stories and characters together.

Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, The Tour de France, and The Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever by Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell. If you haven’t read the USADA report or the news, most of the information in this book will be new information. If you have, then little contained in the book will be new. There’s a little bit of information about other people besides Armstrong, but not much. A much more uplifting book on cycling I read this month was The Race Against Time: Obree, Boardman, and The Quest To Be The Fastest Man On Two Wheels by Edward Pickering. Most people have never heard of Graham Obree or Chris Boardman, but these two riders came of age in Britain around the same time and vied for many of the same things- the pursuit of the World Hour Record and various events in track cycling. Great book.

If you’re a foodie or a fan of Food Network, you might enjoy reading Food Scratch: Inside the Food Network by Allen Salkin. This is a warts and all tale of how the network got on the air, struggled to stay on the air as the financial losses mounted, forged its way through a variety of celebrity chefs and network presidents to become the network it is today.

A couple of other books this month were: When We Were On Fire: A Memoir of Consuming Faith, Tangled Love, and Starting Over by Addie Zierman and Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife by Mary Roach.


Secrets To Keep, my first mystery/crime novel, is due out in the next few days. Finally! For now, it will be available for the Kindle (or Kindle app) for $2.99 as well as in paperback from Amazon for $11.95

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