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What I’m Reading (March 2014)

Book of the month: In the Morning I’ll Be Gone (Book Three: The Troubles Trilogy) by Adrian McKinty. McKinty has developed a solid reputation as a writer of crime novels and his finale of the Troubles Trilogy, In the Morning I’ll Be Gone, was a solid and entertaining completion to the trilogy. Hopefully, he’ll continue with more stories about the main character, Sean Duffy. Although the setting for the novel is Ireland in the early 1980’s and the clashes between IRA and England and the Protestants and Catholics, the story centers on a locked room mystery. How did a young woman die when the doors of the room were locked from the inside and she was found alone? The police initially ruled it a suicide, but the mother promises to help Duffy find a wanted man if he can solve what she believes was the murder of her daughter. A fascinating, page-turner.

As a fan of the TV series, Justified, I finally got around to reading some of the Elmore Leonard novels that revolve around the lead character, Raylan Givens. Pronto and Riding The Rap are fast-paced, entertaining stories with oddball characters.

As a cycling fan, I also read Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong by Juliet Macur. In addition to containing information that has been written before, Macur rounds out her book by telling the story of the cyclists on Armstrong’s team, particularly riders such as Dave Zabriskie and Jonathan Vaughters. Those aspects of the book were interesting to read, but it still feels as if the entire story has only been hinted at. No one seems to have been willing to go on the record and say how the machine was put in place and who paid the bills. Many people have an opinion, but nothing has been stated definitively. Having said that, expect more books on Armstrong and on those who rode with him.

Having grown up in the 1980’s watching a lot of NBA basketball, I was interested to read Showtime by Jeff Pearlman, which is about the Los Angeles and the creation of the team which came to be known as Showtime. Great read. It was sort of like a trip down memory lane, reminding of things I’d seen and also peeling back the curtains to see the how’s and why’s of certain decisions.

Some other books I read this month: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz (a ruthless book about managing a company, particularly a software company), Mad as Hell: The Making of Network and the Fateful Vision of the Angriest Man in Movies by Dave Itzko (about the making of the movie, Network), Young Money by Kevin Roose (a revealing story about college graduates working on Wall Street), and The Disappeared by Kristina Ohlsson (an intriguing mystery series).


Occasionally, I’ll mention a show or two I’m watching as well. Well, the best show I’ve seen in awhile is The Returned, which is on Netflix. Incredible, riveting story. It’s a show where you want to keep watching episode after episode. The only catch is that the show was filmed in French and you have to read the subtitles. Normally, that’s a turnoff for me, but I heard rave reviews about the show and decided to give the first episode a try. I was hooked. It’s available on Netflix.

I’m also catching up on Orphan Black. As of this writing, I’m halfway through season one, and the story seems to be holding up as well.

Of course, there’s Justified and The Americans, two tremendous shows on FX.


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