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What I’m Reading (April 2015)

April equals noir, at least it did for me when it came to reading. Aside from one book on cycling, I read nothing noir.


Forget book of the month, for April, it’s writer of the month- Harry Whittington. This man could write. Many of his books are out of print, but those that are available you can usually find for $4 or $5. This month, I read the following:

  • A Night For Screaming – Man on the run looking for a way out.
  • Fires That Destroy – A psychological thriller. Might be my favorite. Homely woman kills for money and marries Mr. Wrong thinking he’s Mr. Right. Can she kill again?
  • You’ll Die Next – The epitome of the day from hell.
  • Brute in Brass (Mike Ballard #1) – Does the bad cop have any good left in him?
  • Any Woman He Wanted (Mike Ballard #2) – The former bad cop trying to stay on the straight and narrow.
  • A Ticket To Hell – Bad guy gets a conscience and helps the wrong girl. All hell breaks loose.


Woody Haut has written three great books on the history of noir. Heartbreak and the Vine tells about noir writers who tried to ply their trade in Hollywood. This is by far the best of Haut’s books. The other two are good as well: Pop Culture: Hardboiled Fiction and the Cold War and Neon Noir.

A couple of other books I’ve already written about:

Jo Nesbo released a new book this month and I managed to read it as well- Blood on Snow. Shorter than his typical book, it still packs a violent punch. Hitman is hired to kill his boss’s wife. Instead he falls for her and tries to save her. Carnage ensues.

As for that cycling book: Lanterne Rouge: The Last Man in the Tour de France by Max Leonard tells the other side of the story about the world’s most famous professional race. The Lanterne Rouge is unofficially granted to the man who finishes last in the Tour. Leonard’s book provides a fuller description of the Tour, rather than focusing on those who won or came close to winning.


Justified– The storyline may not have been as tight as in years past, but the dialog and the acting were at an all-time high. The use of language alone makes the show worth watching. I’m gonna miss this one.

The Americans– This show gets better and better every season. I can’t wait for season 4. Also, if you watch the show, you may be interested in a podcast by the show’s creators. Usually no more than 30 minutes, they provide great insights into how the show is made and rotate interviews with each of the cast. Hearing Matthew Rhys (Philip) and his heavy accent will blow your mind.

Wild– Is it trite to say I enjoyed the book more than the movie?


Taken For Granted is in the hands of some trusted readers. While I wait to hear from them, I’m hard at work on another writing project.

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