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New Book: Taken For Granted

September 14, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Taken for granted ebook final copyMy next book, Taken For Granted, will be released September 22, 2015. Taken For Granted is a follow-up to my first novel, Secrets To Keep, and follows the lives of Jefferson, Linus, Al, and Max as they deal with the fallout that took place in Secrets To Keep.

Taken For Granted is currently available for pre-order from Amazon (ebooks .99 and paperbacks 10.95) and will soon be available at iBooks, B&N, and other sites.


Max can’t get seem to get a break. His two best friends are dead. He’s broke, homeless, and stealing cars to earn money. 

Jefferson did everything they said and it wasn’t enough. He can do what they say or lose everything. Of course, doing what they want might land him in prison.

When the police can’t find who murdered John Petri, his employer hires Linus to investigate. The case leads Linus back to the people responsible for him being forced out of the police department. 

Al prides himself on thinking of everything. In his business, it’s paramount if he wants to remain free. His new money laundering scheme is working to perfection. Then Al’s partner wants him to kill someone who has become a problem.

Who knew trying to kill one man could unravel so many lives?

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