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What I’m Reading (Feb. 2016)

Little pleasures in life are getting on an airplane and not having anyone sit next to you. Rather than being crammed in, you can spread out, relax and enjoy a book or two. Rarely does it happen, but when it does…ah, so enjoyable.

It’s been awhile since I read a book cover to cover, but it happened on a recent flight. Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo is a short, two hundred page crime novel about a criminal on the run and trying to turn over a new leaf. Nesbo is one of the best. I couldn’t put it down.

From crime novels to memoirs, two of my favorite genres. I read Why We Write About Ourselves, a collection of essays by memoirists on the art of memoir writing. An interesting read, but the greater value was introducing me to some writers I’d never heard of before.

One was Darin Strauss and his book, Half a Life. As a teenager, he struck and killed a teenage girl riding her bicycle. The book is about survivor’s struggle and guilt and learning to live with the fact that he killed someone, even if it was an accident.

The other was The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. A mother of two, she describes her fight against breast cancer at the same time her larger than life Dad faced bladder cancer.

I got an advance copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five: Bookmarked by Curtis Smith, which is a memoir of sorts. It tells of the impact of the book on the author’s life. Bookmarked is a series of books that show promise. I remember reading Slaughterhouse Five in college and being both stunned and awed. The brutality of war and the skill of his storytelling. I went on to read everything Vonnegut wrote.

A couple of other books I read: The Run of His Life: The People vs OJ Simpson by Jeffery Toobin, The Mozart of Basketball (a biography of Drazen Petrovich) by Todd Spehr, and two novels by John McFetridge: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and Swap.

There’s been little time to watch TV or see a movie. I have managed to keep up with Better Call Saul (an enjoyable season 2 so far) and finally saw Creed, which wasn’t bad. The big excitement, The Americans returns next week. Can’t wait.

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