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Getting Rid of the TV?

As a high school freshman living Austin, I stopped at a friend’s house after school one day. I think we were going to play basketball. While I waited for him, I noticed something odd about their home.

“Where’s your TV?”

“We don’t have one.”

I wanted to say, but didn’t, “How do you live without TV? What do you do? Don’t you get bored?” Not only did we have a TV in the living room and in each bedroom, but every TV was connected to cable.

How could you not live without TV?

Decades later, I joke (and maybe threaten) about getting rid of our single TV, which isn’t even hooked up to cable. We had cable for awhile, but then I figured I could do better things with that money every month.

(In case you’re wondering, one of my brothers has already staked a claim to the TV, in case I do follow through on my threat.)

Why get rid of the TV? We barely turn it on, often going days and sometimes weeks between turning it on. Over the weekend, I convinced (bullied, perhaps) everyone into watching a documentary, which I thought they all might enjoy, which meant I turned on the TV for the first time in…a week (maybe more).

That isn’t to say we don’t watch TV shows or movies. We’ve got multiple iPads (which is generally how we watch movies and shows) and subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Personally, I spend more time looking for something to watch and giving up than actually watching something. For the one or two shows I do watch, (currently, Better Call Saul and The Americans), I’ll subscribe to them on iTunes, but even those are few and far between. Last fall, I didn’t keep up with any shows. I watched the occasional movie or documentary.

Other than that, I read.

The counter to the argument could be that if I had cable, I’d watch more TV. Well, for the past three months, I’ve been traveling extensively for work, staying hotels with big screen TV’s and a plethora of channels, and not once have I turned on the TV. I’m just not into it anymore.

Maybe the day is coming when I will get rid of the ole TV.

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