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Something New

New is not a word most associated with me. In most cases, creature of habit would be a more attune description. In most cases. In a few isolated instances, I do enjoy looking for something new. It might be a new route while I’m on a bike, or something new at the grocery store.

Yes, I like going to the grocery store, as long as it’s a good grocery store. What makes a good grocery store? Simple. It has to offer something unique and different rather than the typical big-box mass produced stuff you can get anywhere. Also, have good produce.

Back to the new thing, when I go to the grocery store, I keep my eye out for something new. A type of produce, something new from the bakery or meat department, or something else I haven’t tried before. Sometimes, I get on a kick, where I try out various types of one thing to find the one I like the best.

Tortilla chips, I’ve been through dozens and dozes of brands.

Salsa, this one comes and goes, but now I’m trying a different brand or two of salsa every week. (Note to all: salsa tastes different when first opened and after it’s been refrigerated. How does it hold its flavor after refrigeration? Some good, others not so good.)

Last summer, I went on a peanut butter binge, trying out different brands and flavors. I finally settled on Peanut Butter and Company and may have five different flavors in my cupboard at the moment.

Now, I’m might be developing a dark chocolate fixation. I may have stood in front of the dark chocolate section of the store and studied the labels while a certain 11 year old who’d been forced to come with me attempted to assault other patrons by wheeling the grocery cart in circles. I may have also been oblivious to his actions.

Why? I’m not the most adventurous and rarely try new restaurants, but there is a whole wide world out there waiting to be explored. What better way to do so than through tortilla chips, salsa, peanut butter, and dark chocolate?

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