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The Podcast Listening Family

Podcasts. Somewhere around 2007, I discovered podcasts and found them to be a drastic improvement over talk radio. Back then, they weren’t a thing and weren’t as easy as downloading to your phone. The landscape wasn’t littered with podcasts as they are today, so at times, I ran the risk of listening to everything in my queue and having to wait for another one to release. Not the case anymore. These days, it seems everybody is discovering podcasts, particularly with the success of Serial Season 1. Even my family.

(Note: Said family did not listen to Serial season 1.)

I’ve turned countless people onto podcasts and we’re periodically emailing one another links to new podcasts that we’ve found. As for my family, they have tolerated my podcast habit, although never engaged themselves, despite my suggestion and prodding. For example, on a long trip, we listen to podcasts. My car. My stereo.

In the same way, my own Dad forced me to listen to WOAI-1200 and Paul Harvey.

Everything changed when the Mystery Show came on the scene. Specifically, episode 3, “Belt Buckle.” It might be the single best podcast I’ve ever heard. I listened to it one morning on the way to work and when I arrived, I sat in the car and listened to the last fifteen minutes. It is greatness.

I told my wife and son about the podcast, the incredible story, and told them that had to listen to it. I even went so far as to download it onto their devices.

A few days later, “You’re right, that was good.”

And then I said words I might now regret, “You know, there are podcasts on everything.”



Did I have any evidence to back up my outlandish claim? No, but when has that ever stopped anyone, much less me, from making such a claim?

Dutifully, they grabbed their tablets and phones and began searching for podcasts on their favorite topics. Are there podcasts on scrapbooking and organizing? Oh yes, and not just one. How about toy reviews, Pokemon, Legos, and a guy breaking down each Star Wars movie as a piece of literature? Yes, there are.

These days, when I descend the stairs of my home, I hear a podcast on scrapbooking coming from one side of the house and a podcast about toys or movies coming from the other.

What have I done?


As for that episode from Mystery Show about the Belt Buckle, I assure you I have heard bits and pieces of it at least ten times. My eleven year old son has listened to it again and again and again.

When I went to Phoenix on business recently, I thought about that Belt Buckle. It is stuck in my mind. Again, that’s a good thing.


So, at the risk of alienating those around, let me tell you that whatever your interests or passions or hobbies, a podcasts exists for you.

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