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What I’m Reading (May 2016)

One would think with a number of flights this month, I would’ve read an increased number of books. At the very least, I would’ve read the same eight to ten number of books that I usually read. Instead, I read the fewest number of books in a month in a long time.

  • The Midnight Assassin by Skip Hollandsworth- An account of a long-forgotten serial killer who tormented Austin in 1885. Interesting.
  • The Bradbury Chronicles by Sam Weller- A biography of sorts of Ray Bradbury, a prolific science fiction writer. One whom I can’t recall ever reading, so I might have to check out some of his work.
  • As They See ‘Em by Bruce Webber- The author follows a bunch of different umpires from minor leagues to the major leagues.

I started a couple of novels, but grew bored with each of them and stopped reading them. They’d both won awards and gotten some recent press, but I found them to be boring.

So what did I do on these flights? I watched Horace and Pete, the 10 episode series Louis C.K. posted on his website. It’s incredible. Dark, haunting, and very well done.

I also did a fair amount of writing. Usually I read to wind down or relax, but in May I’ve writing. Getting close to knocking out the first draft of another book. We’ll see if it’s anything worthwhile.

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