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What I’m Reading (Aug 2016)

Some interesting books in the month of August.

  • A Good Month For Murder by Del Quentin Wilber. If you’ve ever seen Homicide: Life on The Street or read the book by David Simon, this book is the inspiration. Follow around a bunch of homicide detectives and see what happens. Wilber’s book is good, but if you haven’t read Homicide, start there. It’s the best.
  • True Crime Addict by James Renner. The author dives headlong into the unsolved disappearance of a female away at college.
  • Truth is a Total Defense by Steven Bochco. A breezy memoir of the TV producer and writer’s life in TV.
  • My Hour by Bradley Wiggins. A short read about Wiggins pursuit to set the record for the most distance covered on a bike in a hour.
  • Chris Boardman: Triumphs and Turbulence by Chris Boardman. The first modern day great British cyclist.
  • How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. A book by two of the executives from the company how they made key decisions about strategy, culture, and other things.
  • What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith.
  • Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich. A good crime novel. I might quibble with the ending.
  • Good as Gone by Amy Gentry. A daughter is kidnapped and then reappears, but is she who she says she is?
  • I Am Duran by Roberto Duran. The autobiography of the famous boxer.
  • Furious George by George Karl. The autobiography of the former basketball player and coach, George Karl.
  • Bad News by Mike Carey. The biography of the talented, but greatly troubled basketball player Marvin Barnes.
  • Sex, Drums, Rock ‘N Roll by Kenny Aronoff. An autobiography of the famous session drummer, known to most as the drummer for John Mellencamp.
  • Searching for John Hughes by Jason Diamond.
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